Welcome to First Nations Counselling. We are currently an Ontario-wide counselling service situated in London, Ontario. All Program fees are covered through Health Canada's FNIHB Short-term Crisis Program and Residential School Health Support Programs.


Our Indigenous Trauma Specialist is available online, through telehealth, as well as in-office. Our mandate is to provide effective and accessible crisis counselling support. We are familiar with the experiences of local Indigenous persons and communities who have been impacted by colonization and who may be requiring mental health support, healing and recovery from inter-generational impacts of trauma as First Nations People.


Grounding in one's cultural identity may be a critical component to processing traumatic experiences in a way that improves health over the life span. Our therapists use an Integrated Holistic Approach based on the Inter-tribal Medicine Wheel combined with western evidence-based assessments, therapies and treatment to promote holistic healing and mental health support within the worldviews of First Nations. These treatment approaches are grounded in Indigenous epistemology and informed by healing and counselling experiences within the distinct Indigenous worldviews of the Cree, Anishnabek and Iroquoian First Nation cultures.  This promotes a harmonious treatment of mental health and resiliency and integrative approach to healing and mental stabilization.

Our counselling support will further assist you and empower you to create more healthy choices in your relationships with family and to make informed choices in all aspects of your living. We may also assist you to learn new and fulfilling roles more effectively within your family.

We have worked with many First Nation elders and healers throughout Canada who are also engaged in healing their communities of the emotional and psychological hurts, anxieties, fears and the pain that have been the long-standing impacts of colonization, residential schools and racism, as well as the interpersonal dimensions of coping with these impacts. We look forward to supporting you in your healing and recovery and improving your mental health.

Services offered for: